I  couldn't have been happier to be asked to work on such a charming project. I love stop motion and while in art school, my thesis project was making and photographing narrative "sets" similar to these. My role was taking photoshop files and animating elements in the scene, and delivering a range of exported video sizes. 
While the animation aspect was fun to work on, the real work on this project was one of organization. There were 6 vignettes, each with different products that needed to be placed in the scene, and a video created. Multiply 6 scenes by X  products per scene, by 9 different aspect ratios, times 2 file outputs and you have a lot of assets to track and create. Being well organized and meticulous was critical. I've created gifs for the purpose of displaying the animations on loops here on my site.
Thanks to Josh Spivey for coming to me with this project and for all the art direction along the way. 
Creative Direction-Ceremony
Director-Josh Spivey
Animation-Michael Banich
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