JLR Audio Productions is the recording studio of Jeanot-Lewis Roland in his Portland home. Most of Jeanot's business is word of mouth and referrals and he was looking for a logo and a visual identity to pair with the sounds he has been creating. 
For JLR I took visual cues from chrome and metal type found on amps and car emblems as they fit in with Jeanot's main musical love, Rock'n'Roll. This being a one-man shop, each studio collaboration with a musician gets very personal and loving attention. I wanted the logo to be a reflection of Jeanot's signature. Both a seal of approval, a marker of high-level musical production, and an artist's signature on his work. 
Jeanot loved the Karmann Ghia chrome emblem (despite being a Volvo man himself) and my initial explorations attempted to create a script "JLR" signature anchored by a bold "AUDIO PRODUCTIONS".  The script initials needed work and I saw a waveform in the letter shapes and the project pivoted away from the chrome reference as refining the letters into a soundwave lead the design direction. Minor tweaks were then made to make sure the logo could fit nicely inside small circles and squares for social media channels. With the logo created, I made some merchandise options and laid out a variety of business card directions to get Jeanot off on the right foot. 
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