A favorite designer of mine, Trey Ingram has a project called "Fiction Football League." In a post, he invited other designers to share their teams. I loved the idea and also love sports branding, so I brainstormed a theme for the creation of my own teams and arrived at Dinosaurs- a childhood favorite. 
Below are a few teams I have created to date. Perhaps I'll add more in the future? 
TEAM # 1
Brontosaurus was my favorite dinosaur growing up. I like the idea of these massive plant eaters, being defensive giants, with their tall necks and sturdy bodies being impenetrable fortresses. Thus the first team in the Fossil Football League (FFL) was born, Fortress FC.
TEAM # 2
The second team, had to be the quick and mischievous raptors. My initial though was "running raptors" but I ended up deciding to depict them as a cunning team, and highlight mischievous over quick. I got really into the crest and color combinations on this team, but also made sure everything would pop in black and white as well. 
TEAM # 3
For the 3rd team, I picked the Triceratops. With its large shield and menacing horns, I labeled this dinosaur as a protector. The three horns made me think of triangles, pyramids, and the 3 stars of Orion's Belt and thus the Ancients were created. This team was a lot of fun to play around with and I am definitely rooting for them on the pitch. 
TEAM # 4
For the fourth team, I landed on the pterodactyl. I was thinking "terror from above" and also the word "terroir" which is commonly used in wine making to describe the quality of the land that a wine is grown. I liked the idea of these flying creatures being connected to the land they fly over, their turf, if you will. So I had some layers of meaning going on: land, territory, and terror. Real terror. Wait, isn't there some team called Real Madrid?  Could this fourth team be Real Terror? What about Terra Real...oh I like the sound of that! 
So for the logo, the mountain is the land, the terroir if you will. And there is a menacing pterodactyl, and I  loved the exaggerated serifs that had a very wing-like quality. 
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